Tax & Accounting

Tax and Accounting Services
(Offered through Schneider & Company, Certified Public Accountants, PC)

We specialize in accounting and auditing services, tax advisory and forensic accounting services. We have performed accounting, audit, and tax services for a wide variety of clients, ranging from publicly held corporations to proprietorships, and consider our firm to be at the forefront of accounting, auditing, and tax issues. 

The quality and technical proficiency of our services are commensurate with those of the largest certified public accounting firms. Managing partner Warren M. Schneider was initially trained in a national accounting firm creating the foundation for his expansive accounting experience. Our clients desire quality service from a smaller firm that offers personalized attention. We operate within a framework that enables us to be exceptionally responsive to our clients while delivering the highest quality services in a cost effective manner.

Our firm's qualifications, scope, and approach to services we provide in addition to our commitment to delivering the highest level of professional services are as follows:

Large Corporation and Small Business Expertise
During our many years of business experience, we have provided accounting and tax services to a wide variety of clients. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to family-owned businesses. 

Warren Schneider personally leads and supervises the key aspects of all engagements to ensure that our clients receive superior accounting, tax, and forensic accounting services, including:

  • Preparation of financial statements, including audit, compilation, and review of financial statements
  • Tax preparation, compliance, research, and structuring to implement a multitude of creative tax strategies
  • Forensic accounting services to investigate claims, controversies, and damages

Timeliness of Tax Returns and Financial Statements
Our firm is expert and efficient. We will provide results without a myriad of firm bureaucracy. The lack of bureaucracy allows us to prepare tax returns and financial statements promptly and efficiently.

New Venture or Property Acquisition Assistance
We assist our clients by evaluating, investigating, and summarizing financial aspects of proposed new ventures, enforcing financial provisions of purchase or sale contracts, and determining closing adjustments for our clients’ benefit.

Relief of Taxing Authority Burdens
We utilize all legal tax advantages for the benefit of our clients. In cases where the tax law is unclear, we will resolve such questions in your favor whenever possible.

Understanding Tax Law Opportunities
We are experienced business people as well as accountants. Since we have been on the client's side of the table, you can expect us to understand the entrepreneur's point of view.

Continuous Contact
We are a service organization and an integral part of our client's business team. We understand our obligation is to earn your patronage through responsive service and constant attention to your needs.

Fixed Insurance products and services offered through Schneider Financial Management LLC. Accounting and tax services offered through Schneider & Company Certified Public Accountants, P.C.